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Feb 2, 2016

IGSHPA and NGWA Sign Joint MOU

The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and the National Ground Water Association signed a memorandum of understanding to further enhance the relationship between the two associations and support the growth of the ground source heat pump market.

IGSHPA and NGWA have similar interest to have the ground-source heat pump market thrive throughout the world and to have the highest qualified drilling contractors available to construct ground-source heat pump and/or groundwater source heat pump borehole systems so as to safeguard the groundwater environment. With these common interests at the forefront, IGSHPA and NGWA have entered into agreement to:

  • NGWA and IGSHAP will collaborate in research, promotion, and training activities related to open loop configurations using groundwater, standing column configurations using groundwater, horizontal borehole systems penetrating the generally recognized water table of a locale, and closed loop vertical borehole (aka, "loop well") subsystems to the larger overall ground source heat pump installation
  • Technical committees and commissions shall exchange information on relevant and related technical and scientific matters
  • NGWA agrees to collaborate with IGSHPA to identify research investigation projects relevant to the geologic, hydro geologic, and/or drilling technology aspects related to ground source heat pump installation.
  • Both organizations shall endeavor to harmonize statistical data reporting, should it occur, to achieve comparative data on a worldwide basis.
  • To support proper preparation of qualified drilling personnel to enter into the ground source heat pump sector, IGSHPA agrees to collaborate with NGWA to develop a pathway to the Certified Vertical Closed Loop Driller CVCLD designation.
"With this MOU, we are in synchronization of our supporting work from the excavation of the Earth, design of the system, and enhanced marketing," said Bob Ingersoll, IGSHPA Director. "This is just the first step. We look to greatly strengthen our work and our member benefits as we all work closely together for the ultimate goals."

"This is an important evolutionary step for the long-standing collaboration between our organizations," said NGWA Chief Executive Officer Kevin McCray. "NGWA has advocated for ground source heat pump technologies since the 1970s. Together with IGSHPA we believe we can advance wider acceptance and adoption of this tremendous technology."