The 2014 IGSHPA Technical Conference and Expo - Baltimore, MD | OCT 15 - 16 proceedings are posted below. (Please note that all speakers did not provide us with copies of their presentations. Those received are listed below.)

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Dr. Bahman Habibzadeh
This presentation provides an introduction to Building Technologies Office’s GSHP program including an overlook at the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded projects and their impacts.
Dr. Michael Wofsey
DOE - Golden
In 2009 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, 36 GSHP projects were funded by Department of Energy. This presentation provides a snapshot of each of these projects and their achievements.
Arlene Anderson
U.S. DOE Geothermal Data Repository (GDR) Project Lead, Arlene Anderson, will provide an overview of data submissions to the DOE GDR including heat pump data currently available to the public. The U.S. DOE’s Geothermal Technologies Office major initiatives and core themes will also be reviewed.
John Kelly
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium
As one of the successful ARRA funded GSHP project, National Certification and Standard for the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry presents the industry-wide effort to identify the qualifications (knowledge, skills and abilities) of personnel who design or install geothermal heat pump systems.
Dr. Xiaobing Liu
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
All of the demonstration projects funded under ARRA were required to collect performance data for one year after project’s completion. This case study evaluates the performance of the demonstrated GSHP system based on the measured data and other relevant information of the site.
Dr. James Menart
Wright State University
This presentation provides information on an ARRA funded project that developed 2-D and 3-D computer programs that create and present a complete temperature profile for evaluating the heat flux and temperature variations on ground loops. The computer programs use this information to model the coupled performance of the ground loop and the heat pump.
Scott Hackel
Energy Center of Wisconsin
Three hybrid GSHP systems were studied and monitored under this ARRA funded project. For each system, calibrated energy models were developed to make comparisons with other system choices as well as completed financial analysis. Lessons learned and best practices were captured and documented during the project.
Dr. Yong X. Tao
University of North Texas
This project gathered data and performed analysis on the costs and benefits of GSHP/Hybrid GSHP systems utilized in Florida using a representative sample of building applications. It was confirmed that the studied GSHP systems consume less energy than conventional ASHP system on an annual basis regardless of the ground loop type, size of the system and the building applications.
John Franceschina
PSEG Long Island
This presentation will provide insight to how PSEG Long Island has supported the growth of the ground-source heat pump market in their service territory. Details of the recent Utility 2.0 filing by PSEGLI to the NYS Department of Public Service will also be discussed. Utility 2.0 includes a proposal for an aggressive marketing and incentive program that is specifically structured to grow the number of installations by 100% over a three year period.
Mark Faulkenberry
Western Farmers Electric Coop
Summary review of the 18 Month GEO Validation Study conducted by Western Farmers Electric Cooperative. The overview will include the results obtained from the retrofit of 22 locations scattered across Oklahoma and New Mexico to geothermal systems and will provide insight on the results from a Electric Utility Perspective.
Lisa Meline
Meline Engineering Corp.
Ground-source heat pump technology has not yet enjoyed the wide-spread deployment in California that has been experienced in many other regions in the United States. This is due to many reasons, somewhat unique to California. Regardless, the focus of this presentation is to share the challenges and triumphs of a local California Community College District, an early adopter of the GSHP technology, regarding their original GSHP system installed in 2006 and the current development of Central Utilities Plant scheduled to begin construction in 2015.
Don Penn
Don Penn Consulting Engineer/IEG Ltd.
This presentation will compare multiple system types in multiple school building types. Comparisons will include chilled/heating water systems, rooftop gas/electric system with vertical bore closed loop geothermal systems. All the campuses are in the same geographic location and several of the comparison campuses are site adapted prototypes with different mechanical systems as well as geothermal systems with different pumping schemes. This presentation will include actual energy use comparison and the design process based on over 250 school campus installations.
Todd Giddings, Ph.D., P.G.
Todd Giddings & Associates, Inc.
How to Use Stiff-Foam to Air-Rotary Drill Through Caving Overburden
The stiff-foam drilling method uses significantly less air volume and creates a pseudo-wall-cake to minimize the collapsing of the caving overburden and to decrease the erosion of the borehole wall. This innovative air-rotary drilling method can eliminate the need for temporary casing while you loop and grout the borehole, and can be an alternative to mud-rotary drilling.
Mark Eatherton
Radiant Professionals Alliance
Mark Eatherton, Executive Director of the Radiant Professionals Alliance, will provide information as it pertains to the application of Radiant Heating and Cooling systems consisting of radiant floors, radiant walls and radiant ceilings, and their application with water temperatures ranging from 50 degrees F (cooling) to 115 degrees F. Upon completion, attendees will understand the fundamentals of applying low temperature fluids to the world’s most comfortable systems for radiant heating and cooling.
Tim Weber
EarthPoint Solutions
EarthPoint Solutions is a North American provider of an innovative geothermal utility model. EarthPoint’s mandate is to remove the upfront capital cost associated with geothermal by converting it to a long term operational expense. In most cases the EarthPoint model provides a geothermal option for a lower capital cost than a conventional mechanical system.
W. Boyd Lee
Caddo Electric Cooperative
With outside the box rate design and debt recovery, Caddo Electric Cooperative has proven that utilities can basically give away a ground loop and increase both short and long term profitability. Want to know how? Then you should not miss this segment.
Sean Hogan
The geothermal industry is utilizing variable-speed technology (compressor, pump and fan) to deliver superior comfort, 45+ EER GLHP efficiency, full-time hot water, better system reliability and enhanced serviceability in residential geothermal applications. This presentation will highlight, with examples, the applications and benefits of vFlowTM variable water-flow, patent-pending Q-Mode® hot water operation, iGateTM Smart Tanks and web-enabled iGateTM connect thermostats as found in ClimateMaster’s Trilogy 45 Q-Mode product line.
Jeff Miller
Earthlinked Technologies, Inc.
Where No Geothermal Has Gone Before
This presentation of case studies will demonstrate small heat exchanger designs for residential applications where conventional geothermal heat exchangers are not an option. Attendees will understand options available to help supplement their existing geothermal business with small heat exchanger designs. Examples will include installations in Brooklyn, NY, rural Ohio, and Portland, OR.
Bob Brown
WaterFurnace International, Inc.
The variable capacity GSHP (VS-GSHP) system presents several application benefits over traditional GSHP’s. This presentation delves into benefits that include improved building load matching, higher efficiency, lower fan and pump power, improved zoning capability, lower peak electric demand, and improved troubleshooting through the use of advanced controls and internet interoperability.
Brian Urlaub
Enertech Global LLC
Geothermal Water-to-Water Control Strategies
Geothermal water to water control strategies will go through many different applications of water to water systems, and then the biggest part of having an efficient system, the control strategy. We will touch on different concepts, what works well and what doesn’t, and show you how to have an efficient and smooth operating system.
Jeff Urlaub
MEP Associates LLC
Lynn Mueller
International Wastewater Systems
The presentation will provide an overview of geothermal exchange and wastewater heat recovery used in combination as a heating source and sink for HVAC infrastructure. A case study of a hybrid system concept to serve a dormitory cluster at Penn State University offers further analysis.
Lawrence Johnson
Mechanical Engineer
Lack of familiarity with GSHP systems among designers of new buildings or major renovation often reduces the choice of GSHP as primary system preference. This session discusses decision making and elements of a good heat pump project. It includes examples of how to determine project fit within reasonable cost limits. Examples will include USAF dormitories and a chapel project.
Cary Smith
Sound Geothermal
Using GSHP and DES Harvesting Negawatts. Opportunities available under the proposed Clean Air Act 111d changes where individual states design and administer their own carbon reduction programs. How and why GSHPs have advantages over conventional systems, system COP, part-load efficiencies, and the private capital market are all in play.
David Neale
EnergyWise Partners
Everybody knows the three barriers to geothermal adoption: lack of awareness, lack of trust, and upfront cost. We present results from our work with state agencies and installers across the country to address these barriers, combined with lessons from other industries as they have addressed similar issues.
Chilton Stewart
Bosch Thermotechnology, National Sales Manager-Commercial Product
LV Split System Models 018 - 070
The LV Split System is a cost-effective, single stage water source heat pump designed for commercial retrofit and new construction applications.
LM Model Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump
The LM Model is a cost-effective two stage water source heat pump designed for commercial retrofit and new construction applications.
Mike Paquette
Commercial Product for the Commercial Market
The HydroBank product by Mammoth is geared towards the “developer new construction” market while also filling the “upgrade to replacement” market. The compact HydroBank product line is highly optioned, configurable and priced right for today’s market. See how the HydroBank compliments the broad line of Mammoth heat pumps.
Michael Albertson
WaterFurnace International
WaterFurnace – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Providing an in-depth look at the number one name in geothermal for more than 30 years, Michael Albertson speaks about global expansion as well as WaterFurnace’s future with NIBE. He explains how acquisitions, joint venture partnerships and vertical integration will continue to permit continued innovation of services and expansion of product portfolios while maintaining the shortest product lead times in the industry by a manufacturer.
Alan Watts
AWEB Supply Co., Inc.
Water is nearly the most vital resource for sustaining life, second to air. However, water is the most vital resource for sustaining global power production, second to none. While global water and energy consumption approach near-critical points in some regions, Geo-Exchange via Slim Jim® and Geo Lake Plate® opens up a whole new world of simplicity and use of existing assets - not just as an opportunity for power and water conservation, but also an environmentally and economically superior return on investment.
Keith Swilley
Gulf Power Co.
How do ground-source heat pumps perform in hot and humid, cooling dominate climates? You may be surprised at how well they do! This presentation will show the HVAC metered results and economics comparing a closed-loop geothermal heat pump system test store installation in Pensacola, Florida, to a conventional restaurant with “high efficiency” roof-top units.
Ed Lohrenz
GEOoptimize, Inc.
A big part of the cost premium for a ground coupled heat pump (GCHP) system is the cost of building the ground heat exchanger (GHX). Considering the options available for designing the mechanical system, the opportunities available on the site and the capabilities of GHX contractors in an area makes a significant difference in the cost of installing a GCHP system, the cost of energy to run it as well as the long term cost of maintaining the system. All of these factor into the owners decision to choose to install a GCHP system versus a conventional system. The cost of the GHX for a large commercial project was reduced by 80 percent and energy cost savings were doubled by considering changes to the design of the mechanical system and the configuration and construction of the GHX.
Marc Portnoff
Thar Geothermal, LLC
Design and market opportunities of a DX geothermal system using the natural refrigerant, recycled carbon dioxide (R744) will be presented. This includes examples on how this technology enables unique designs that enhance performance and provide a pathway to lower the cost and environmental footprint of system installation.
Russell Buras
Loop Tech International dpa Purge Rite
Design changes and specifications continue to evolve in the geothermal industry. This presentation will cover information taken from small to the largest real-world implementations as it relates to what is necessary for geothermal systems to be flushed and purged correctly. Helpful and applicable suggestions will be presented.
John Manning
Phoenix Energy Supply
The performance of a geothermal hydronic heating and cooling system goes far beyond the heat pump. The piping, pumping, radiant design, fan coils, controls and serving multiple loads all can and will determine the performance of your system. The art of geothermal hydronic system design is discussed and reinforced with decades of experience.
Ryan Carda
Introducing LoopLink PRO: Revolutionary Commercial Geo Design Software
LoopLink PRO is web-based software for commercial geothermal system design. This presentation will introduce features of the program such as project sharing, advanced heat pump selection and performance modeling, zone-group load sharing, auto header circuit design and head loss calculations
Robert Jensen
TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchangers are patented heat exchanger systems which, because of their novel design, allow the simultaneous installation of four loops around a central Tremie in a single vertical bore hole. TWISTER installs like traditional HDPE loop but typically reduces loop length by 30 percent and costs by 20 percent.
Jeff Miller
Earthlinked Technologies, Inc.
IGSHPA first look: The next big thing in geothermal
EarthLinked offers the simplest, most efficient and effective geothermal renewable energy systems available. Come see the newest offering from one of the earliest pioneers in the geothermal industry.
Brian Urlaub
Enertech Global LLC
Enertech-Advancing Heat Pump Technology Inside and Out
Between product design and manufacturing process’, Enertech is advancing heat pump technology. Designing products to be smaller, lighter, more efficient, and with less refrigerant while keeping service and installation in mind is always a focus at Enertech, as well as constantly improving and advancing the manufacturing process to include the latest watch dog systems, testing procedures, and manufacturing process’.
Raj Hiremath
ClimateMaster is at the forefront of a wave of innovation that is revolutionizing the performance and functionality of GHP systems. Features made possible by new technology are enhancing end-user benefits and transforming design, installation and service practices. This presentation will provide an overview of our unique iGateTM, vFlowTM and Trilogy Q-Mode® technology.
Alan & Barbara Watts
AWEB Supply Co., Inc.
What it is!
Steve Hamstra
Greensleeves LLC
The use of advanced computational tools and algorithms brings new applications and economies when designing, commissioning and optimizing the on-going operation of heat pump based HVAC systems. These tools can often reduce the first cost of a geothermal heat exchanger by more than 50 percent while meeting or exceeding the operational efficiencies of a full-sized (non-hybrid) application. Additionally, performance feedback and future operational prediction capabilities bring self-adapting and self-healing attributes to these systems. This seminar will summarize the design process, the tools and provide actual case studies of how this approach is being highly effective in our market.
Dick Hottel
Hottel Energy Group
A geothermal project utilizing standing column wells wins a competitive grant solicitation from the Maryland State Energy Administration-40 percent of total project cost. The system demonstrated innovative and cost effective measures to meet the special customer requirements and the state grant competition criteria for unique renewable projects.
Trey Austin
Geo-Energy Services LLC
Innovative GeoExchange Systems using the latest design and installation practices combined with new product developments from manufacturers are achieving optimized performances. These innovative techniques and products are helping the industry lead the way to improved operational cost savings to virtually every type of owner in an increasingly competitive market. A series of projects will provide insight to owners, engineers, and contractors on how to apply some of these latest milestone achievements that will further enhance the GSHP industry.
Steve Skufca & Dr. Ray Hemmings
GeoEnergy Alternatives
It has been suggested that cement-based grouts are not suitable for GHXs containing HDPE loop piping because of the high thermal expansion coefficient of HDPE plastic. GeoEnergy Alternatives conducted testing to measure the response of GA-Xtra™ CP Grout to thermal expansion of HDPE loop pipes.
Terry Proffer
Major Geothermal, Inc.
Loop design simulations and in-situ tests were done at two California projects in identical formations driven by vertical drilling restrictions. Thermal conductivity data were similar regardless of bore length or grouting. Horizontal advantages realized included reduced installation cost and time, less headering complexity, and enhanced surface use compatibility.
Charles Cauchy
Promethient LLC
Under a U.S. Department of Energy award, a novel heat exchanger and method for inserting the heat exchanger into the earth was developed. Rapid heat exchanger insertions were demonstrated and initial thermal testing completed indicating high thermal performance and a means to significantly reduce the cost of installing ground loops.
Jeff Hammond
This presentation will provide an overview of the latest variable speed pumping technologies coupled with new system designs that can dramatically reduce system operating costs as compared to traditional constant speed technology.
Michael Albertson
WaterFurnace International
WaterFurnace Product Portfolio Overview>
Learn more about the most dynamic and versatile product line assembled and presented by WaterFurnace. Lead by the industry’s first commercially available variable speed unit - the “7 Series”, a complete line of single and dual-stage, packaged, split, hydronic, and combination models give installers the right product for every application. The all-new 3 Series completes the packaged line with good/better/best tiers.
Michael Hammond
ClimateMaster announces its latest breakthrough innovation in the new Trilogy 45™ Q-Mode™ variable-speed geothermal heat pump system, which provides the industry’s highest efficiencies of 45 EER and further notable savings via on-demand hot water generation capabilities. The system additionally offers convenient programming, monitoring and control for homeowners and dealers over the internet from any WiFi-enabled device.
Terry Proffer
Major Geothermal
The Josephine Commons project utilizes both district and individual ground loops for a cost-effective GSHP system for 76 single-family units and 2 common facilities totaling 155,000 ft˛. Design challenges included accounting for abandoned coal mines. Interactive design team work resulted in substantial 1st cost savings. Operating costs have proven to be 77 percent lower than simulated projection.
Stuart Yanow
GeoTility Corp.
Developing geothermal communities on a mass scale is a game changer for our industry. Orca Energy has begun this transformation by installing geothermal systems within large scale master planned communities. Yanow will present several case studies and provide an update on this new approach.
Peter Tavino
Peter J. Tavino, Jr. PEPC
The Connecticut Geothermal Association has been meeting monthly for four years. Dues paying members accredited by IGSHPA have performed a Community Service Project to help Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut. A dozen different member companies have contributed labor, equipment and materials to provide a 400 foot deep closed loop borehole and a three-ton package heat pump connected to new duct work in the totally renovated house. Progress and results will be presented.
Michael Albertson
WaterFurnace International, Inc.
GeoThermal Chillers: Screw and Scroll Compressors with 6-Pipe Technology up to 400 Tons Capacity
High-efficiency geothermal screw and scroll chillers, heat recovery units, and heat pumps with real time energy monitoring and unparalleled remote support capabilities ranging in capacity from 30 to over 360 tons-These systems include integrated simultaneous heating and cooling energy distribution controls for optimal performance and maximum energy utilization resulting in significant energy savings.
Terry Proffer
Major Geothermal
Vertical Closed Loop Ground Heat Exchangers
Garen Ewbank
Ewbank Geo Testing, LLC
Federal tax incentives for GSHPs after 2016 are not known. Planning is critical; so take a look at both paths. The road we are on has great tax advantages however, this can change. Perhaps our industry should consider financing models such as third party, rate based tariffs, MLPs, and REITs.
Complete presentation slides in zip file
Jack DiEnna
Geothermal National & International Initiative
Update on National & International Initiatives
Jay Egg
Renewable Energy Experts
This Marketing Track Course will cover the art of geothermal drilling beyond certification and listings on industry sites. Networking and social media opportunities will be unveiled along with opportunities and advice on methods to form alliances with MEP firms, mechanical contractors, equipment manufacturers and government entities.
Robert Karnick
Senior Business Development Manager, ROBRADY design + production + capital
Humanizing Technology – Putting Design at the Heart of Business
Over the past 30 years, Industrial Design has evolved from being responsible for little more than the shape and color of products into a core function of a company’s business strategy. Learn how ROBRADY design applies Design Thinking towards product development by creating meaningful innovation that resonates with people.
Muktha Tumkur & Mark Metzner
CSA Group, Inc.
CSA Standards is a leading American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) accredited developer of standards, codes, guidelines and personnel certification programs. We have embarked on the development of a bi-national standard, BSR*/CSA C448-201X, Design and Installation of Earth Energy Systems with American and Canadian technical committee members. These stakeholders identified the need for standardization through a neutral third party accredited process for the design and installation of geothermal heat pump systems as a priority. We will be presenting on the status of the project that will harmonize the differences between existing resources, simplify referencing in regulations and contracts, incorporate the latest advancements, clarify compliance using standards language, and provide credibility through an accredited neutral standards development process.
Richard Gordon
Gordon & Associates, Inc.
John Geyer, CGD
Ground-coupled heat exchangers for geothermal heating/cooling systems unite thermal needs of a building and thermal capacity of available ground, using excavation or drilling equipment to place High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) into soil in the most efficient manner. Each underground system is customized to site and circumstances. Design parameters vary among configuration options but comparable thermal exchange can be achieved. For structures up to 50,000 square feet or 150 tons of cooling capacity, a horizontal, “Slinky”®-style ground-coupled heat exchanger may be most expedient or cost effective to install. Slinkies concentrate partially-uncoiled pipe in trenches or pits that are shorter or more compact than those used for straight loops. Documentation of heat exchanger location, configuration and components benefit future building operators and occupants not familiar with a site’s history or underground features. Subsurface conditions can only be visually documented while exposed during construction. Photo series, slide shows or PowerPoint® presentations can provide such a record.
Ed Lohrenz
GEOoptimize, Inc.
Connecting an ice arena (or any other system that needs cold or ice) to a ground heat exchanger (GHX) in a cold climate project can increase the efficiency of a ground coupled heat pump system and reduce the cost of building the GHX. How much energy is available from a typical ice arena? How can the systems be integrated? How can this benefit your clients?