CLGS Ground Heat Exchanger Design Program:

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CLGS manualsCLGS is ground heat exchanger design program for residential applications. Written by IGSHPA executive director Dr. Jim Bose, CLGS calculates the proper sizing of the ground heat exchanger, heating, cooling and water heating costs, peak heat and cooling demands, loop pipe lengths, and pressure drops. The user must input the building loads, design area, heat exchanger configuration, pipe size and type, and heat pump capacities. CLGS also provides a comparison of operating costs of gas, LPG, electric heating / cooling systems and GHP systems.

CLGS is menu-driven and produces concise, comprehensive print-outs. It handles both horizontal and vertical systems, and provides initial values for entering minimum and maximum water temperatures. The program requires a windows based PC, and comes with a comprehensive user's guide.


GLHEPRO is now available in three different versions:

To view a demonstration video of GLHEPRO using Windows Media Player CLICK HERE.
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More information on GLHEPRO, including a downloadable version of the User's Manual, is available at

To order GLHEPRO please call a sales associate at 800-626-4747. GLHEPRO may not be ordered online.

GLHEPRO V.4.0-120 (#32035-120) $525.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-LRO (#32035-LRO) $525.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-400+ (#32035-400+) $725.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0 Demonstration Disk (#32040) $50.00

Windows user interfaceGLHEPRO 4.0-120: Contains 307 different borehole configurations between 1 and 120 boreholes. Configurations include lines, L-shaped fields, U-shaped fields, open rectangular fields and rectangular fields.

GLHEPRO 4.0-LRO: Contains only large rectangular borefields, 100 boreholes and larger. The algorithms used to create the g-functions were based on configurations of up to 400 boreholes in size. Beyond 400 boreholes, the program extrapolates the results.

GLHEPRO 4.0-400+: Contains all configurations in GLHEPRO 4.0-120 and GLHEPRO 4.0-LRO.

New features for version 4.0 include:

  • Capability to model rectangular borefields up to 900 boreholes.
  • Sizing of ground loop heat exchanger and supplemental heat source/sink as part of a hybrid ground source heat pump system.
  • More accurate calculation of borehole thermal resistance, including thermal mass effects.
  • Revamped fluid property routines. The working fluid can now be specified in terms of composition and concentration.
  • Addition of double U-tube and concentric tube heat exchangers.
  • Marked improvement of output reporting. Users can specify what information is reported, and have the option of creating a Microsoft Excel-compatible .CSV file.
  • International ground temperatures are available for several locations, and users may enter additional locations.
  • Heat pump database has been greatly expanded.


From Version 3.0  
GLHEPRO V.4.0-120 (#32046-120) $175.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-LRO (#32046-LRO) $325.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-400+ (#32046-400+) $375.00
From Version 4.0-120 or 4.0-LRO  
GLHEPRO V.4.0-400+ (#32048-120) $250.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-400+ (#32048-LRO) $250.00

Extra licenses for companies or individuals that have purchased a full version above:

GLHEPRO V.4.0-120 (#32055-120) $375.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-LRO (#32055-LRO) $425.00
GLHEPRO V.4.0-400+ (#32055-400+) $575.00

For information on purchasing a University Site License (or upgrade a University Site License) intended for instructional and research purposes, contact a sales associate at 800-626-4747.

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